I thought you might like to see a little behind the scenes peek at what to expect at newborn photo shoot at my studio in Crawley Down, West Sussex.

So you can see my extra large and super cosy bean bag is already set up and ready to go with a blanket on it – there’s a lot less pink, sparkly and fluffy stuff involved if your baby is a boy by the way.  I always start with the bean bag as it is the easiest way to get your newborn to relax into their session and the simplest place to transfer them to from the comfort and warmth of their car seat.  My additional blankets and ready to hand as are all my accessories such as miniature tutus, hats and headbands.  I also have a supply mini different shaped beanbags to help me get the perfect pose by supporting your baby whilst they are relaxed and sleepy.  Then there’s the less glamorous accessories such as the hand sanitiser, baby wipes, bed wetting mats (well accidents do happen in the studio).  Finally in the corner of the shot, you can see one of my wooden posing bowls which we use if you would like some more prop based shots and if your baby is far enough into dreamland to settle into it comfortably.

Finally, the big red (and extremely comfy) chaise is where you will be relaxing and enjoying watching your images being created.  There’s never a time when you can’t see what’s going on and I’ll definitely be asking for your help if I need a ‘spotter’ in order to make sure your baby is 100% safe.  It’s a warm and cosy space as babies do like it toasty so you’ll definitely want to wear layers so you don’t get too warm yourself.  You’re welcome to bring along drinks and snacks if you’d like to, obviously it’s important especially for new mums to stay hydrated and you might as well make the most of a few peaceful minutes in a hectic time to relax and just enjoy watching your newborn model in action.