This is Adam in for his baby photos at 8 Months Old as part of his baby photography club membership. His family have been coming to visit since his big sister was the little one and it’s always a pleasure to see them.  Adam just made the job incredibly easy with his cheeky grin and he simply loved his bit of play time with his daddy.

Taking baby photos at 8 months old quite often means that your little one is keen to showcase their new mobility skills such as crawling and standing supported.  I have footstools that are designed to let them show off their independent standing (always with a watchful mum or dad placed just behind them in case of wobbles) and the crawling, well that just happens when they realise that the studio might be a fun place to explore.  Once they have found their knees, it gets a little harder to persuade them that staying still is a good idea so these sessions tend to rattle on at quite a fast pace.  Then we finish up with some ‘action shots’ to add to your record of your first year together.