This smiley little fellow is actually the son of a good friend of mine and it’s always a pleasure to have them in the studio.  He really is a good natured chap and was happy to dress up and pose with all of the outfits and things that his mum brought along with him at his second baby photography club session (he’s about 8 months old here).

His mum is a die hard Disney fan (well who doesn’t love a bit of Disney?) and so she has brought along Mickey Mouse themed things to all of his photo shoots so far and this one was no exception.  Kilian was more than happy to dress up and pose with Mickey and Pluto, even keeping his Mickey ears on very nicely and if you’ve ever tried to keep a hat on a baby, you will know that this is nothing more than a minor miracle.

Kilian is his name but I don’t use it myself as I call him Wolfie (there was a very silly conversation over dinner before he was born and the name has just stuck).  Obviously this was the reason that a overly large and impractical stuff wolf was brought for him by me for his ‘Welcome to the World’ present and his tolerant mum brings it along to all his shoots to indulge me.  So if you were wondering why that is in the picture, that’s the reason but I’m glad to see that they’re getting along famously anyway.

Then of course, there is the Superman outfit which is just the cutest.  I live by a set of simple rules in my life and one of them is that, if you can dress a baby up in a super cute outfit, you absolutely should do it.  Yes, they might well be mad when they are a teenager but who cares?  Kids are a lot of work and so it’s only fair to get your kicks when you can!

The baby photography club sessions are scheduled for an hour in the studio although realistically, a little one isn’t going to tolerate taking pictures for that long.  Still we have plenty of time for outfit changes and general silliness so bring it on I say!