Ruben and I are becoming firm friends. The first time he came to the studio, he was in a bump – Ok, he probably doesn’t remember that.  The next time, he was just a few days old – OK, he probably doesn’t remember that one either.  And this time he was just four months old for his first baby photography club session – OK, he’s not going to remember that either.  I guess it might be that I’m getting to know him better while he gets on with the important business of growing!

He was all smiles at his photo shoot anyway, and  I can see him getting away with quite a lot of mischief when he gets bigger on the strength of that cheeky grin.  We had time to play with a few outfits (including some festive ones – well, if you can dress a baby up as a mini santa, you are almost obliged to), a gorgeous hand knitted fox hat and a special tag blanket that was made especially for him.  I can’t wait to see him for his next session when he is nearly 8 months old.