My baby photography club (I call it the Joey Club) is completely unique to me – it’s not part of any national scheme and that’s why I love it so much. We’re completely free to create any style of images that we like to so you can tailor your photos to be images that are personal to you and that you love.

Take for example the delectable Harley here… His mum and dad wanted to run a Nut Brown Hare theme throughout his sessions (we did other stuff too but there was always a little Hare action in our photo shoots).  They had such brilliant ideas and brought along a ton of creative props as well as the Hare that we just had a blast creating photos that were just unique and perfect for them.

How Does it Work?

When you join the Joey Club, you receive three photo sessions in the first year with your baby.

Session 1 – around 4 months (or when your baby can lift their head when they’re on their tummy)

Session 2 – around 8 months (or when your baby is able to sit unaided)

Session 3 – around 12 months, to celebrate that milestone birthday and you’re welcome to make this session a cake smash / tub splash photo shoot if you’d like to

After each session, you see your images online in your private gallery (there’s no sales session to attend with any of my photography) and you can order anything you would like.  Then at the end of the year, you see all of your images and you pick your favourite image from each session for display in your triple aperture wall frame.

What Does it Cost?

I’m aware that a lot of photographers offer free or discounted session prices in order to be able to sell to you afterwards and it’s not a practice I agree with personally. So all of my costs are available up front and so there are no secrets, surprises or hard sell process to endure.

Membership to the Joey Club is £39.95 for the year and this includes all three sessions and your souvenir wall frame at the end of the year.   You can include a cake smash and tub splash session with your final photo shoot if you’d like to with no extra charge – you just need to bring along a cake, some bubble bath and a towel.

If you’d like to order images from your photo shoots, you do this online and its £15 for a single digital image, £50 for five images or £195 for all the images from a single shoot.

No sales, no surprises, no finance agreements, just beautiful photos capturing your baby in their first year.

Don’t forget that membership to the Joey Club is completely free when you’ve booked a Newborn Photo Shoot at my studio!

Can Parents & Siblings Join in?

Parents and siblings are welcome to join in with the photo shoots so you can capture your family as you grow together over the course of the year.  You’re even welcome to bring along your dogs to one of the sessions if you’d like to…

Included in my baby photography club for £39.95

  • Sessions at 4, 8 and 12 months
  • The last session as a cake smash / tub splash if you’d like it (no extra charge)
  • Your favourite image from each session in a wall frame at the end of the year
  • Online image gallery after each session (no sales / viewing appointments)