The first of your sessions as a baby photography club member usually takes place when your baby is around 4 months old.

However, this age is just a guideline as all baby’s develop at different rates and the ideal time for this session is when your baby can lift their head during tummy time for short periods.  Obviously all baby’s get to this point at different ages and some baby’s will go through their first year hating all tummy time but that’s just a good time for most folk.

Obviously your little one will not be sitting unsupported at this point, well I’ve had it happen once or twice but it’s pretty rare!  So we make use of my specialist baby support cushion to allow them to sit up ‘by themselves’ whilst being totally safe and we also take pictures with them lying down both on their back and their front on my giant beanbag as well.  Where they are less confident on their tummies, I have a variety of ‘ramp’ options to give them a little extra boost up if they need it.  Parents are also welcome to join in the session along with siblings – the Joey Club is all about capturing your family.

One of the questions that I get asked a lot is regarding how many outfit changes you get during a session.  There’s no limit as far as I’m concerned but there might well be a limit in terms of how often your baby will tolerate getting dressed and undressed given that most of them aren’t big fans of that procedure so I’d always say, bring along whatever you like and we’ll work through your options in the order in which you love them most.   In between changes as well, we can always work with your baby in their birthday suit or in their nappy (I have a range of nappy covers and wraps you can use) to capture those adorable chunky thighs and tummy rolls.   I’d definitely encourage you to bring along any props that you’d like to include – popular items in the past have been personalised items, bunting, favourite toys and teddy bears (even the cast of Toy Story made an appearance once). It’s a great way to personalise your session and make your photos really unique to you and your family.

Joining the Joey Club

Joey Club membership includes the three sessions in your first year with your baby and the triple aperture wall frame at the end of the year. You’re welcome to order additional prints and / or digital images from each session which you do from your private online gallery – there’s no sales / viewing session to attend.  Baby Photography Club membership is £39.95.