Little Imogen has been coming to visit me all year for her Baby Photography Club photo shoots and this was her final one.  Her mum didn’t fancy the cake smash and tub splash (but you’re welcome to do this on your first birthday session if you’d like to) but we still had a little bit of a one themed session with my number one bunting and my giant pink number one. Well it’s not every day that you have your very first birthday so it seemed only proper to mark the occasion.

Her mum also brought along her favourite toy – her push along cart – apparently she very much enjoyed taking her favourite bunny toy for rides in it at home.  However, I did have to play a little bit of a mean trick on her to get pictures with it in the studio as she was pretty quick with it and there was no way she was standing still once she had hold of it – so she was a bit puzzled as to why it wouldn’t move when I put the wheels on my fluffy white rug.  OK, not my most honourable moment perhaps sometimes you just need them to have to cheat a little with mobile little ones to get the job done!

Join the Baby Photography Club

Membership to my baby photography club includes three sessions in your first year with your baby, one each at four, eight and twelve months.  You can use these sessions however you would like – so pictures of your little one on their own, with you, with their siblings, cake smash at one year old, whatever you fancy.  At the end of the year, you see all of your photos and you choose your favourite from each session to display in your souvenir triple aperture wall frame.  You’re welcome to order more pictures from each session as you go – there’s no sales process to sit through – approximately two weeks after your session you will receive a link to your private online gallery where you can view and order the images that you like.  The cost for membership includes your sessions and your frame and is £39.95 for the year.