This is Freddie, in for his second baby photography club appointment aged 8 months.  The Joey Club is my baby photography club which gives you three appointments – one at each four, eight and twelve months and at the end of the year, you can pick your favourite image from each session to be displayed in your triple aperture wall frame.

This time, he brought along a couple of outfits and some dinosaur buddies – two of them had been to the studio before for his newborn photos and he’s got a new member of his prehistoric family since then.  He’s got lots more mobile since we last met so we used the session to take advantage of this and get some action shots as well. Obviously, when your baby is crawling it’s a lot harder to persuade them to sit still for pictures but usually with a combination of toys, singing and general silliness (and a fair degree of baby chasing and resetting) we get the job done!  Kind of a workout for us and fun for him 🙂