Baby Photography East Grinstead West Sussex

Baby photography can be lots of different things but at the end of the day, it’s capturing a memory and that tends to mean that it’s all about expression.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that nothing else matters or even that the expression in question has to be a smile – sometimes babies look just as great with serious faces.  However, whatever set up you choose – whether it be in props or plain and simple on a blanket – it’s hard to beat a great expression. This little one is full of sass and demonstrates my point perfectly.

Of course, babies can’t be directed as such so we have to make the timing and environment right to give us the best possible chance of capturing that perfect look.  When you’re booking your session, and of course it varies depending on the age and personality of the baby but, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind

  • Will they be hungry at that time?
  • Will they be sleepy at that time?
  • Have they been busy that day? It’s not the best to bring them after baby sensory or swimming lessons because they’re still going to be pretty tired even if they’ve had a little nap
  • Are they ill?  If they’ve got a stinking cold, they’re not going to be feeling their best.  I have no problems rescheduling if they’re poorly so we can catch them when they’re on form!
  • Have they just had their jabs? Give it a week or so to come and visit when they’ve had their jabs usually to make sure they’re not feeling any ill effects from them.

Baby Photography

You can book a stand alone baby photo shoot for £95 including three digital images or you can take a look at my Baby Photography Club which includes

  • Sessions at 4, 8 and 12 months
  • The last session as a cake smash / tub splash if you’d like it (no extra charge)
  • Your favourite image from each session in a wall frame at the end of the year OR a free digital image from each session
  • Online private image gallery after each session (no sales / viewing appointments)
  • £39.95 for the sessions and the wall frame