This lovely family are almost like old friends now as I’ve been in touch with them since I was lucky enough to share in their wedding day as their photographer a few years ago.   Obviously since then they’ve expanded their family a little bit and they’ve been back in the studio regularly since she was just a tiny person of a few days old.

Now she is growing up fast at around 8 months old and already sitting steady by herself and well on her way to crawling about.  So we took some time to capture her new skills along with some portraits with mum and dad.  I’m loving the semi silhouette shot.  I was inspired by seeing some amazing shots online where the (incredibly talented) photographer had created animals in the white spaces between the people.  That wasn’t something that I could do but I love the simplicity of the silhouette and it’s a different way of capturing your family that would look great as wall art.   The picture of the little girl balancing on her mum’s legs (don’t panic, it’s a composite shot, she wasn’t left up there unattended!) was the mum’s idea.  I think she’d seen something similar and wanted to recreate with her little one – I can always rely on my clients to come up with exciting new concepts, they are simply the best!