A few weeks ago, I made some woodland creature themed bunting and a pillow as ‘not too girly’ props for the studio after a client pointed out that not all girls love pink (I knew this but most of my girl props were of a distinctly pink hue).  Anyway, at the time, I thought of a fox costume that I have in my stash and how great it would be to have a baby fox / cub in the studio.  Anyway, by total coincidence, a few weeks later, up pops a baby bunny complete with real (organic) carrots.  You can only imagine how gleeful I was to see her! Ask and ye shall receive…

So I’m sharing here some pictures of Ariana the baby bunny.  There were a lot of pictures of her with her family and also not dressed as a rabbit but she is such a beautiful bun that I am just sharing from that section of her Joey Club baby photography club session today.  She wasn’t too keen on the carrots though as you can see from her face!  And even better, her mum and dad have added the bunny costume (made by a very clever aunty – I particularly love the tail) to my stash so any other bunnies that hop in to the studio are welcome to share in it.  How much do I love my super creative and imaginative clients?  A lot.

Plus it’s nearly Easter.

It just keeps getting better.