Aybel was just the most smiley newborn (yep, I know people say it’s wind but I choose to believe it’s smiling and you’ll never change my mind on that) and I’m glad to say that nothing had changed when he came to visit the studio for his first baby photography club session aged about four months.

We made some time for some family photos with his mum, dad and big brother as well as some of him separately with each member of his family.  How fantastic does his mum look by the way?  Then we had time to play on his own – he wasn’t too keen on tummy time but I have a great cushion system that can provide all the ramp that your little one needs to give them a helping hand to get a great tummy time shot.

My baby photography club couldn’t be simpler.  You come to three sessions in your baby’s first year – one around four, eight and twelve months – and at the end of the year you choose your favourite image from each session to be displayed in your triple aperture wall frame.  All for £39.95 or membership is free if you’ve been to a newborn photo shoot with me.  You’re welcome to order more images from each of your sessions but I’d like to stress that, unlike most other photographers, I don’t ask you to come back to the studio to view your images (and be sold to).  You simply receive an access code after your session and you can view and order from your private online gallery.  No sales, no minimum spend, just great images of your baby’s first year.