Sarah Fisher Photography Professional Photographer West Sussex

Every month, I like to set a new set of goals for my business. Well I do it for all aspects of my life but I won’t bore you with the personal ones. Instead, I’ll bore you with my work ones for this month :)

This is going to be a busy month as I have a number of tactical work changes to make as well as meeting all of my lovely studio visitors.

  1. I’ve decided to change my gallery provider.  When you have a photo shoot with me, you don’t come for a sales session (I’m reliably informed by any number of trade bodies that I’d make a ton more money if I did.  But then I’d like myself less so it’s a trade I’m happy to make). You view and order your images in your private gallery and I use a third party to host this.  I’ve been with my current provider since the year dot but on a recent look around, these new guys just do it better (and quite a lot cheaper as it happens).  The interface is much more modern, the email communications are slick and if you’ve ever been confused by ordering digital images (you have to buy the number of images you want and then tell me what you’d like afterwards), then that problem has gone away. Phew.  So there’s that to set up and migrate.
  2. I’m also changing my online portfolio provider. This one wasn’t optional but despite having purchase an account that was ‘unlimited for life’, they’ve told me that I can have a maximum of 50 photos or sling my hook. Need more than that so my hook has been slung.  Bit of a pain this one as it’s been rather forced on me but I’ll find a path through it I’m sure. Or I’ll cry to Steve and he’ll work it out for me – the benefits of a techie husband with a weakness for crying females :)
  3. I’m getting ready to change my packages.  I’ve been at the same rates now for a billion years and there’s lots of less qualified and experienced folk charging quadruple my rates. I’m not going to raise my prices from my £95 session fee or change my print / digital image prices but my packages will now include three digital images rather than five as of September 1st.  Still super competitive but probably a little more in line with market rates.
  4. Training.  This is the one that I’m most excited about.  Photoshop and Lightroom are huge pieces of software and form the mainstay of my editing suite but they changed to a monthly subscription service.  This means that they in new features all the time and the software updates in the background rather than saving everything up for a big release and upgrade. When this was the case, you’d study up and learn all the new stuff but I know there’s smarter ways of working hidden in there that I’m not using. Plus I have some fine art plans that I’m not equipped to carry out at the moment so I’ve treated myself ot a month (maybe more) with the King of Photoshop Scott Kelby’s online training.  I’m studying like fury and already getting so much out of it.  Very exciting times.  For me.  Quite boring for other people I suspect.

So that’s my August.  I have it on good authority that the heatwave is returning so outside of all of this, I’ll be back to the garden life and enjoying the long warm evenings planning outdoors.  From all signs, it’s going to be busy and marvellous all round.