This little lad’s outfit looked so cosy and comfy that I just had to get out my headboard and duvet set so he could be as comfy as he looked.

It’s one of my newer additions to my backdrop collection at the studio and is great for adding a little lifestyle touch your image collection for babies and small children.  As long as a baby is pretty confident in getting their head up while they are on their tummy, you can even use it at a first Joey Club photo shoot (so when your baby is around four – five months old) as the duvet is soft enough to mean that they won’t hurt themselves if they put their head down in a hurry.

Included in my baby photography club for £39.95

  • Sessions at 4, 8 and 12 months
  • The last session as a cake smash / tub splash if you’d like it (no extra charge)
  • Your favourite image from each session in a wall frame at the end of the year
  • Online image gallery after each session (no sales / viewing appointments)