Lily always has a smile on hand when she visit the studio (and I’m sure when she is in the outside world as well!) and her first birthday photo shoot was no exception.

She looked very pretty in the dress she was wearing which was made by her very clever nanny and I loved her natty little gold party hat for when she was in the cake smash part of the shoot.  It actually was quite a dainty and feminine little cake smash as, well you know a lady doesn’t like to get too messy, but the photos looked great anyway. It’s fun when the icing flies everywhere but it’s not necessary for a really gorgeous set of cake smash images.  She was very happy in the tub as you can see, when it was time to splash away the sticky icing.  I have a range of props that folk can choose from to accessorise their tub splash but the ducks are very popular indeed – especially my giant duck (his name is Quack).  At one point, he even got in the bath as well which I know pleased him as much as it pleased Lily!