5 Things to Bring to a Newborn Photo Shoot

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You would think that lists of what to pack in a bag would stop after you’ve nailed your hospital bag and actually had the baby but no, here’s some stuff that you might want to pack to bring along to your newborn photo shoot too.  Actually, I say that like lists are a bad thing – I love a list.  Seriously, ask my husband, it drives him crazy and makes him laugh in equal measure how many lists I have on the go at any one time.  Anyway, here goes…

  • Your Usual Baby Bag – Yeah, like you’d forget it!  Stuffed full of all the vital things that you need to carry about with you when you have a baby and I’d recommend adding a couple of extra nappies.  When we’re feeding and settling in between taking pictures we can be a bit nappy on / nappy off, plus on the odd occasion I do rip them to get them off as it’s easier than undoing the tabs when you’re trying to undress a sleepy little boy or girl (I do check you have enough first though!)
  • Dress in Layers – OK, it’s not really a thing to bring as such but it’s more of a warning.  The studio will be super heated to newborn comfort levels which means that it is sticky for us grown ups to say the least.  It’s handy to be able to layer up and down as the temperature dictates. Also, on the subject of wearing stuff, if you’d like to be in the photos (and you’re welcome to be of course), I’d recommend bringing the top you’d like to be photographed in separately.  Apart from the heat, it is of course Murphy’s Law that you will be vomited on if you wear it.  By the baby, not be me I hasten to add.
  • Hairbrush and Lipgloss – or whatever makes you feel camera ready if you’d like to be in the photos.  I have a separate changing area in the studio with a lovely big mirror in so you can get ready. We tend to do family photos at the end of the session as your baby will settle better in your arms and so you can dive in and glam up before we do those.
  • Drinks and Snacks – Newborn photo shoots can be a couple of hours and while your baby is settled, you will have time to relax on the sofa.  Apart from the importance of keeping hydrated in general, you can use the time to catch up on snacking. I’m sure I should say something nauseating like ‘bring along a muesli bar or a piece of fruit’ but hey, bring along crisps and chocolate if you fancy it.  You just had a baby, spoil yourself I reckon.
  • Items to Include in the Shoot – Obviously the baby but then anything else you would like to add in.  These aren’t essential as I do have plenty of stuff we can work with but it’s a nice idea to personalise your session and a picture of your newborn with a gift that someone has bought or made for you is a nice way to say thank you.  This section is limited just by your imagination really, I’ll have a go at including anything but items people have brought along in the past include first teddies, teddies that belong to mum and dad, personalised gift items, hand-knitted blankets, family heirlooms, you get the idea.  As a bit of a side-note, while I think of it, it’s quite hard to dress and undress even a fast asleep newborn without disturbing them so its tough to work in lots of outfit changes but hats, bootees, headbands and other accessories are perfect.
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