Baby Photography Club in Sussex – Alex

These are some pictures from Alex's second Joey Club baby photography club sitting so he is about 8 months old.  He is most proud of his new skills of sitting up all by himself and part of the job of [...]

2019-04-12T11:52:39+01:00January 16th, 2016|Babies|

Christmas Photo Shoots in West Sussex

Christmas is my favourite time of the year for lots of reasons - I love everything about it, the decorations, the tree, shopping for presents, all the good food... Still one of my most favourite things is the fact [...]

2019-04-12T11:52:44+01:00January 15th, 2016|Babies|

Newborn Baby Photo Shoot in West Sussex

Meet baby Luna who came to the studio a little before Christmas for her first set of official newborn photos.  She was an angel in the studio, waking in the middle of her session when it was time to [...]

2020-01-15T10:36:45+00:00January 15th, 2016|Newborn|

Newborn Specialist Photos – East Grinstead

As his beautiful and custom made poster proclaims, this is James Andrew Clark "loved beyond measure".  He came to visit just before Christmas for his newborn photos shortly after his arrival into the arms of his family. His mum [...]

2020-01-15T15:43:15+00:00January 12th, 2016|Newborn|
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